All-Way Stretch Canvas Ballet Slipper SD-16, Light Pink, Size 7L C (Fits Ladies 7.5/8, Kids 5.5/6)

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Check out the best-selling SoDanca all-way stretch canvas ballet shoe! The So Danca SD-16 is fully elasticized and features pre-sewn cross elastics, perfectly positioned split soles and no cumbersome drawstrings! The SD-16 ballet shoe is a favorite among dancers for it's comfortable "sock" feel, form fit and reasonable price tag. This shoe is suitable for both men and women. 

Sizing: Women- Start one whole size down from street size if you like your ballet shoes snug and form fitting. ½ size down if you prefer a little more room in your shoe. Men- 1 to 1/2 sizes up from street shoe size. 

*Note on fit: These shoes are designed to be form fitting, and there shouldn't be any extra room in the shoe, think of it like a sock!

Color: pink, black, white

Material: Stretch Canvas

Available in Child Sizes

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