Barre Buddy

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A handy dance accessory for comfort & cushion at the ballet barre. The soft, absorbent barre buddy quickly & easily secures around the barre to provide much-needed extra padding and protection against germs, blisters, splinters, calluses, chafing, and adds a dash of style and fun to the conventional, hard and often grimy ballet barre. It has quick & easily adjustable closures and an effortlessly removable sweat towel. Also, the barre buddy comes in its own mesh bag for carrying to class and washing.

Benefits of the barre buddy:

• Comfort cushioning for your hands, feet, knees, and ankles during
barre and stretch
• Clean & Sanitary—No more perspiration, germs, and grime from hands
& feet on the barre!
• Helps prevent blisters, calluses, and chafing of the skin
• Helps prevent splinters from wooden barres
• No more gripping! Extra thickness discourages this bad habit
• Absorbs perspiration and prevents odors on hands from aluminum/
metal barres
• For placement at the barre for class
• To ease & soften movement
• Removable towel for perspiration—easily attached to prevent it from
falling on the floor
• Assign younger students’ placement at the barre
• Security, comfort during long, challenging, repetitive barre exercises
• Comes with a machine washable laundry bag for breathablilty and
ease. Great accessory for other ballet delicates too & may be tied to
the barre whether in use or not.
• For studio owners—ensures less wear & tear on your ballet barres!