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    Dancer's Wardrobe has partnered with Kristen Ozura Photography to bring the passion of our local dancers to the world. Check out our work by clicking on the menu at the top right and then photography.

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    Bloch's Jason Samuels Smith tap shoe for ladies. Oxford leather upper with build up - a double hard leather outsole. Triple stacked heel. Steel resonance plate between the tap and outsole for optimum depth and pitch. Wick away lining for comfort and to reduce moisture. $179.99

We Share Your Passion For Dance!

We Share Your Passion For Dance!

We know sometimes you want the convenience of online shopping and fast delivery. Sometimes, you want to come in our store and have a conversation about what’s best. And, other times, you want to buy online and bring it back to the store. You can do all of this with Dancer’s Wardrobe. Shop with confidence.

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