DanceXpressions is a  community-oriented dance studio, providing quality dance instruction to the Locust Grove area. Built with quality and public service in mind, DanceXpressions is in a class all its own. As a full-service dance studio, DanceXpressions offers all styles of dance intruction (including Irish, praise, rhythm tap, and hip hop), taught by experienced, well-trained instructors who continue to train throughout the year. In addition to a quality dance education, DanceXpressions is built on the belief that a dance education is about more than just learning to dance. It is about building character, improving focus and communication skills, and increasing discipline while encouraging the free spirit that drives most dancers. It is about learning respect for others. Our studio emphasizes instruction that encourages personal growth and maturity in a loving, positive environment. We place high value on the health and safety of your dancer, teaching proper body alignment, proper technique, and maintaining beautiful, sprung dance floors with Marley overlay in a well-designed facility. We give back to the community through programs like Shining Star, our special needs dance class and the Praise Dance Technique and Artistry classes.

Contact Info: 

32379 Constitution Highway
Locust Grove, VA 22508
Phone: 540-395-1928